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Creating Galleries

The gallery functionality gives you the ability to group a seletion of media files and present them as a group with a write up. If you are a radio journalist you may want to gather all the sound clips relating to a particular story into a gallery displayed with the write up of the story. […]

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Uploading Audio Files

There are two ways in which you can upload audio files. By logging in to your account on Africa Media Online you can upload using the online upload system. Or if you know how to use ftp you can log in to our ftp site and load images that way. It is good to get […]

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Submissions Standards for Image Files The following are Africa Media Online’s technical submission standards for image files. Compliance with these standards will ensure that images are speedily processed and put online with minimum rejection on technical grounds. Image Specifications File Type: Jpeg Compression: Highest quality (in Photoshop level 10-12) Open File Size: This is the […]

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