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To give you some idea of the kind of images that buyers are requesting that we do not have online, we will regularly update the list below. Where there is sufficient time these requests will be circulated to contributors. But there is not always enough lead-time for us to do this. The odds are that if something was asked for once, it may well be asked for again, so these requests are a good indication of market requirements and the gaps that we hope you will help us to fill. Many clients want model releases on the images. If at all possible please get anyone recognisable in the image to sign a model release. When you upload the image you should then mark it as model released.

Here is a generic list of images needed from every African country:

• rural compound in a village
• compounds including domestic animals, like goats/cows
• modest house in a town
• house and surroundings
• fancy rich house

• school compound rural
• inside a rural classroom
• school compound city
• inside a city classroom
• school computer lab
• a city hospital
• a rural clinic
• inside a hospital ward
• a motor park (which is where the buses leave from)
• shops – both formal and informal
• markets
• roadside vendors

Roads and transport
• road showing road signs
• road showing traffic
• typical taxi
• typical bus that does long-distances between towns
• typical car
• school bus
• motorbike of the region – with passengers on it
• train
• local fishing vessel

• fields of local produce: plantain, ground nuts, cassava, cocoyam, okra, fufu
• each kind of local produce up close
• plants that are used for decoration (i.e. planted for beauty and not food)
• farming – subsistence
• plants that are used for building – palm thatch etc.
• seasons – dry season and wet/rainy season
• forests and wildlife reserves
• deforestation
• overgrazing
• pest control – organic or chemical

National celebrations and symbols
• pictures of crowds on national days
• the flag
• coat of arms
• national dances or ceremonies
• festivals
• crafts e.g. basket work, carved masks

• in school uniform
• out of school uniform
• fetching water
• helping in fields
• playing sport
• playing traditional games
• brushing teeth
• doing scientific experiments
• helping prepare a meal

• wells
• water points
• people fetching water, and the containers they use
• water pollution
• fishing on rivers/in the sea
• fishing equipment – nets, lines etc.
• tilapia and other local fish
• people boiling water

Industry and services
• local industries
• chemical industries (if there are any)
• biotechnology – making bread, beer, or local wine
• NGOs working with people – in environmental and other fields
• Blood transfusion services
• All types of pollution – water, air etc.

• local foods
• the raw ingredients
• famous local dishes
• people eating food
• cooking food – on pots, with fire

• vaccination photos – children being vaccinated
• doctor /nurses caring for patients
• anti malaria /TB /yellow fever/Aids posters
• toilets – the local version
• doctor examining child with stethoscope

This is a list of images we have regularly needed:

Children playing chess
A roadblock
School Children and iPads
Overweight teenager/s eating / watching tv/ playing computer games etc.
Healthy girls and boys, in sports clothes, eating healthy lunch, being active etc.
Kids canoeing
Yellowood tree
Galjoen (fish)
Rhino Poached / Poaching / protection
Abijay (Ivory Coast)
Paintball games
Oscar Pistorius
Mokala National Park
More Gautrain Images
BRT Bus System
Bank notes / Money
Port Elizabeth
Natalie Du Toit
Blombos Cave
Enoch Sontonga
Modern Musical Instruments
Children playing modern instruments
Youth Choirs
Stinkknopies (plant/flower)
Doringvygies (plant/flower)
Carnarvon Nature Reserve
Verenigde Gereformeerde Kerk
Victoria West (more pics)
Hadedas (bird)
Knysna Woodpecker (bird)
Loriesfontein Windpump Museum

Families – Rural and urban
e.g. At home,
having dinner,
watching tv,
listening to radio,
washing dishes;
Studying / homework

School pictures – Rural and urban
Eg. In the classroom
During break/recess
Eating lunch
In the library
Drama / on stage
Debating / speeches / orals
School hall
School buildings
Children / friends sitting on a bench, eating lunch, reading talking etc.
Children doing athletics at school; track racing; hurdles; high jump; long jump etc.
Children playing games, hopscotch; marbles; boardgames; catch etc

water related images. ie dams, rivers, pumps, etc.
Nightclub / disco pictures
Electronics – iphone / blackberry / ipad/ latest computers/ televisions / sound systems
SALT – Sutherland
Muslim Wedding
Jewish wedding
Traditional African Wedding
Buffalo City – East London
Polokwane – other than stadium
Bass Lake – North West
More lakes / dams in South Africa
Komati Springs
Marula Fruit
Mopani Worms
Timber forestry – @ Piggs Peak ( or anywhere in SA)
More recent Mining pics
University of Swaziland
Freshlyground – more pictures
Sardine Run – more pictures
Outeniqua Reserve
Cape Town Diamond Museum
More of Grahamstown Arts Festival
More of music festivals around SA
More recent pictures of Soweto
NZASM Tunnel
Mandela Inauguration
Parliament in Session ( Speaker etc)
Box free range eggs
More modern multi racial pics
Big issue sellers
Families watching tv (all races) also teenagers watching TV
Jewelry pictures – diamonds; gold
Pictures of cars, modern cars
The new taxes buses
More modern transport pics (gautrain; buses; taxi buses; taxi’s)
Apple mac / iphone / blackberry / ipod
Modern flat screen tv
More gumboot dancing pictures
Ballroom dancing
Children flying kites
Anything to do with Shaka Zulu – site burial place / birthplace / statue etc.
Xitsonga / Tsonga Culture
More recent mining pictures
Venda people pics in colour
Lake Fundudzi
Soutpansberg Mountains
Ivory Coast Tourist type pics
Ponta D’Oura – Divers / tourists / more people pics / camps etc.
Mini Taxi buses (new ones)
My citi busses and bus lanes / stops etc
Ndebele Clay pots
Vioolsdrif – Namibia Border
Braai pictures – family, friends braaing
Cahora Bass Dam
Vaal Dam – Aerial
Landscape in the vicinity of Thaba Bosiu
Cruise ships – Symphony / Melody etc.
More Mountain Zebra National Park images
Motouleng cave
Mandela – any more recent pictures
Ratanga Junction
Mandela Freedom Monument

These were specific requests that we couldn’t meet:

Cricket Stadium pictures around South Africa
Photo of Ponta do Ouro as seen from above
Photo of cahora Bassa
Pictures of Winnie and Nelson Mandela together looking distant (preferably when they were younger)
Pictures of Winnie and Nelson Mandela together when they were younger
DJ Mujaiva
Chateau de Mon Plaisir
Old Sugar Mill
François Mahé de La Bourdonnais
botanist named Nicolas Céré
Echo Parakeet
Mauritius Kestrel
Grand Baie Gym & Hydro Spa
Mauritian food
La Tanjore Restaurant, Don Camillo, Sunset Café and Coolen
Banana Café, Zanzibar, Les Enfants Terribles and El Diablo
Cheb Mami – Algerian singer
Benin – Djimon Gaston Hounsou – Actor, dancer and fashion model
Cameroon-Roman Oben -Football star
Congo-Henri Lopes-Author and diplomat
Zahi Hawass -Eminent Egyptologist
Omar Sharif-Actor
Ethiopia – Amsale Aberra-Couture bridal and eveningwear designer
Liya Kebede-Super model, maternal health advocate, clothing designer and actress
Ngugi wa Thiong’o-Writer, playwright, journalist and lecturer
Catherine Ndereba-World-class marathon runner
Richard Leakey – Director of the National Museum of Kenya and world renowned palaeontologist.
Somalia-Iman Abdulmajid – Super model
Sudan – Alek Wek
Lukwesa Burak – Sky News anchor based in London
Thabana Ntlenyana
Malealea Lodge
Black Mountain
The Basotho Pony Project
Cape leopard images (Cederberg to Baviaanskloof)
A photo of Buddhist prayer beads
A photo of a shofar – Jewish rams horn – or Jewish man blowing the horn
A photo of The Guru Granth Sahib – please show surrounding shrine
A photo of the Bahai temple in Kampala Uganda
Solar water heaters for low income housing
Philippi Stadium (flood lights)
The Sudanese writer, Leila Aboulela
Soukous dancing in Congo Africa
Photo showing (African) people using ropes to pull a calf out of a cow during a difficult birth
A photograph showing a coal mine in Morupule.
white aluminium oxide in rock or powder form
A BOTSWANA photograph showing people planting trees.
A photograph showing a paper bag with groceries. NB: no brand names should be visible in the photo.
A BOTSWANA photograph showing a cleaning campaign.
A photograph showing vehicles involved in an accident.
A photograph showing the MVA headquarters in Gaborone, Botswana.
A mortar and pestle the rural kind used by villagers in Botswana
Botswana carvings or a man carving
Photo shows Coke bottle – please source a photo of a glass of fizzy cool drink. The fizz should be clear as the photo is there to illustrate gas bubbles in a liquid.
Photo of various washing powders
Gambia – The Kataba Fort, Kataba Village, established 1823
Gambia – The quadrange bell in Banjul
Gambia – The State House, Banjul
Gambia – King George III memorial foundation, Banjul
Gambia – Fort Lovel memorial, Banjul
Gambia – The Bond Road pumping station, Banjul
Gambia – The grand street main drainage to the creek, Banjul
Gambia – Musa Molloh’s tomb
images that show cutaways, or the inside of ant hills, or ant colonies underground.
A photo of street vendors selling their goods in Gaborone.
BOTSWANA photograph of workers picking fruits on a farm.
Image of locusts devouring a plant
Recipe image of ‘Hembesha’ (a type of Eritrean bread
Rashaida’ women dancing
A photo of a turtle embryo
A photo of A bird wing showing the bone structure NB the bones like an xray picture
BOTSWANA SPECIFIC: Photo of Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital, showing the entrance or other modern aspects of the hospital.
Photo of amphorae that held wine several centuries ago. The point is to show that wine (alcohol) has been part of human history for a very long time.
Photo showing legal drugs (pills and tablets). Do not show any brand names on the drugs. Show a mixed collection.
Photo showing illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy etc). If possible please source a photo with all or most of these in it.
Photo to show that it is important to always wear gloves when caring for an HIV-positive person. If possible, source a photo of black hands/arms in rubber gloves. Otherwise, simply source a photo of rubber gloves.
Photo of African teenage friends sitting around a crying friend of theirs. Point of photo is to show that friends can comfort a person who is grieving. Please be sure to source photos that show African teens.
Photo to show that families can go hiking for recreation. Please source a photo with model releases. Show an African family hiking in the outdoors. They should all be relaxed and look happy.
A photo of Botswana learners in a Home Economics class/lesson. Please source/commission a picture with Botswana learners in school uniform and aprons, cooking and baking. Show boys and girls surrounded by pots and pans. Make sure that no brand names or labels are visible in the photo.
A photo of Botswana learners in a computer lab. Please source/commission a picture with Botswana learners in school uniform, all seated at desks, working on computers. Show computer screens on (not blank). Show students helping each other. They should look focussed.
A BOTSWANA photograph showing people planting trees.
A photograph showing a paper bag with groceries. NB: no brand names should be visible in the photo.
A BOTSWANA photograph showing a cleaning campaign.
A photograph showing vehicles involved in an accident.
1. A mortar and pestle the rural kind used by villagers in Botswana
2. Botswana carvings or a man carving
Context: A photograph which shows that traditional dancing is an example of a leisure activity which helps Batswana people to relax and stay healthy. Description: A photograph which shows a group of young Batswana engaging in traditional Tswana dancing, as shown in the reference.
Context: A photograph which shows that recycling physical resources is one way in which we can manage resources responsibly. Description: A photograph which shows a recycling plant, as shown in the reference.
Context: A photograph which shows that air pollution is caused by industrial activities and burning fossil fuels to generate electricity.Description: A photograph which shows factory smokestacks emitting air pollution, as shown in the reference
Context: A photograph which shows a road accident in Botswana.Description: A photograph which shows a road accident, preferably in Botswana.
photo of DCEC offices in Gaborone, as shown in the reference.
Maun Carnival/Festival
pic of leather items such as handbags, traditional mats, mouse-pads, vases, traditional sandals, executive-bags, belts, waist coats, picture frames
a famous Botswana person being interviewed (preferably a TV interview). Grasshopper school shoes
Pointe-Noir – Congo
Josie Borain
Numbers jumping out of a book
Photo of the Botswana members of parliament in session
Setswana: Children sculptures (paper machae)
Frederick Leopold Oyono, the Cameroonian writer
Ghana actor Van Vicker
Photo of different stencils with letters and numbers
Panjo the tiger and Zingela the dog
Thulani Ngcobo, the super-fan
Mohr Keet, the oldest man in the world to bumgee jump
Lareece Butler, skydiving crash survivor
Lewis Pugh, swimming 5km up Everest
Hottentote Venus (Saartjie Baartman)
Mandela and Liz Taylor
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Photo to show lack of machinery and more manual workers in old factory
Photo to show more machinery and fewer workers in new factory.
Oil pollution on the ocean has a negative effect on nature.
Image of the hole in the ozone layer. Please ensure that the continents are clearly visible, so that learners can see that the hole is over Antarctica.
Element of silver: a small ornate silver jug
Element of silicon: a tube of silicon
Element of iron: a wrought-iron candle holder
Element of carbon: lump of coal
Element of copper: stripped electrical copper wire
Element of aluminium: aluminium spanner or aluminium foil
sodium metal
chlorine gas
sodium chloride (i.e. table salt)
Please source a photo of a simple pH meter
Photo of limescale in a water pipe; show cross-section of pipe
Photo of shiny sodium metal being cut, next to a jar containing sodium metal, with the sticker ‘Sodium metal’ on the jar; show clearly how shiny the sodium metal is when freshly cut
Photo to show that the reaction of sodium and water can be dangerous; show large explosion as on refs
Sodium metal just cut (point is to show shiny surface)
Sodium metal five minutes after cutting (point is to show how quickly sodium goes dull when it comes into contact with air)
Photo showing an iron bridge; point of photo is to show that iron is a strong and cheap building material (Botswana specific if possible)
picture of a shiny aluminium aircraft; point is to show that aluminium is used in aircraft because it is light yet strong
picture of stainless steel cooking utensils and cutlery; show a knife, fork and spoon next to a large frying pan and a large pot, all shiny and made of stainless steel
picture of tin cans; show clearly that they are shiny; please show two, one with the top cut open with a can opener, the other with a ring-pull top
Photo of rusted iron nail; the rust must be clear
Please source a photo of a galvanised iron roof; the roof should be shiny and rust free
Photo of a beautiful, sparkling cut diamond crystal
Photo of a graphite (lead) pencil; show the tip clearly
Photo of rock salt
Photo of aluminium oxide
Photo of gold ore
BOTSWANA SPECIFIC: Photograph of Botswana coins made of various metals
Photo of basalt rock
Photo of dolerite rock
Photo of shale
Photo of limestone
Photo of marble
Photo of quartz
Photo of slate
Photo showing a selection of beautiful gemstones (arranged as in refs OR piled up – it doesn’t matter as long as there’s variety)
Photo of a film badge that calculates radiation exposure.
Photo of large cranes at a building site (from Botswana if possible)
Photo of digital ohmmeter
Photo of digital multimeter
Source a photo of Halley’s comet passing through space
Source a photo of an artificial satellite orbiting earth; show planet Earth clearly behind/beneath the satellite
Source a photo of a GPS device as used in cars; please source photo showing Botswana roads if possible; otherwise roads in another African country; the photo must clearly show how the device can guide the car driver
A photo which illustrates public speaking.
A photo which shows children at the Dukwi refugee camp in Botswana.
A photo of Three Dikgosi Monument
A photo which shows former Botswana president, Festus Mogae, delivering a speech on corruption.
A photograph which shows pop songstress Beyonce Knowles performing on stage.
Photo to show that disabled children (7–18 years old) have the right to full opportunity for play and recreation. The photo must show disabled children taking part in sport and recreation, e.g. a basketball game. The team can consist of both disabled and children without disabilities, or of only disabled players.
BOTSWANA SPECIFIC: This photograph shows a child/children in foster care. The photo must show that children have the right to protection from neglect; have the right to a standard of living that will assist their proper development.
BOTSWANA SPECIFIC: Children have the right to participate in cultural activities. Photo to show a cultural activity e.g. traditional ceremony/traditional dancing; children taking part in it.
Genetically modified soybeans.
Dolly the cloned sheep
The adult Bagrada bug is a major cabbage pest in Botswana.
A BOTSWANA specific photo of workers celebrating May Day (public holiday on May 1st) in Botswana. Workers are holding banners, marching through the streets, showing that it is May Day.
Photo of Gaborone sewerage pond effluent into the Notwane River
Photo of a Botswana landfill. This must show solid waste and how this is polluting the earth.
Nigerian Classroom Pupils Ages 15/16 – Landscape shot
Portrait Mac Maharaj
Skyline: Gabon
pastoral Khoikhoi community known as the Inqua
photo showing Kgosi Kgafela of Mochudi
Photo of Botswana Minister of Education Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi
Photo of Kgosi Mosadi Seboko OR Kgosi Kgari Sechele III .This is to show that chiefs play an important role as advisors to government.
Photo to illustrate a drink being spiked
A photo showing that drugs should be used legally to cure illness. Photo of an African pharmacist (male or female) behind a pharmacy counter handing medication to a customer.
A photo of a selection of illegal drugs.
A photo of AIDS orphans receiving social benefits (food packs etc.) – preferably in BOTSWANA please.
Photo of the BOFWA offices in Mochudi
A photo of a Tebelopele Testing Centre. Please show Tebelopele buildings as well as the yellow and red porta camps/mobile caravans in the photo if possible.
Photo of the lake formed by the Cahorra Bassa dam
Photo of emigrants at the border in SA (queueing) OR emigrants leaving in a bus in SA with bags etc.
Photo of the toll in Maputo
Photo of the road from Maputo to Witbank
Photo of the railway from Nacala to Entre Lagos
Photo of Vilanculos air-strip (tiny airport)
Photo of the TDM company or of a TDM satellite dish
Photo of the Maputo Shopping Centre
Photo of the transnational park in Mozambique/SA/Zimbabwe OR the Grand Limpopo transnational park
Photo of the signing of the SADC agreement
Primary classroom in Rwanda, showing Rwandan girls (age 6-14 years) in a classroom doing practical work, like woodwork, science, or making toy cars (generally doing something that boys would be better at doing)
Secondary classroom in Rwanda, showing Rwandan boys and girls (age 14-18 years) in a computer lab learning maths or science
Photo of people taking a video of wildlife in the wild
Sandton at night
Rand Merchant bank
Dorothy Njeuma
Roger Federer
Picture of Obama and wife/family (if possible, in Ghana)
Mmamantswe about 100km from Gaberone
Border town of Kasane
The Debswana-owned Orapa building in the capital city of Gaberone is where Botswana’s diamonds are sorted.
Miss South Africa images from 1956
William Kamkwamba with windmill
Nurses and Doctors striking outside a hospital
Women drinking glass of water – clean fresh looking picture
Picture of spinach / ready to eat
Woman exercising outdoors
Etosha – with people in the shot
Nsumbu National Park
Zambia – Mining
Lagos resturant artistic licence
Lagos resturant: Quintessence
Lagos resturant: Signature
Lagos resturant: The Jazzhole book and music store
Lagos club: Tribeca
Lagos club: Aura lounge
Lagos club: Bambuddha
Lagos resturant: New Afrika Shrine
Lagos resturant: Terra Kulture resturant
Lagos resturant: Bottles resturant
Lagos resturant: Alalo resturant
Lagos resturant: Sky bar
Lagos resturant: Bogobiri Guest House
Lagos restuarnt: Eko hotel & suites
Otukile Lekote (Botswana track athlete)
African man or woman climbing high up on a rock face or cliff
Wilderness stream in botswana polluted
Musterian rock painting
Rupestrian rock painting
Rock painting from Chinhamapere – Zimbabwe
View of Gaberone city lights etc at night.
A photographer’s special wagon.
A storyboard.
Charcoal drawings done by the South African artist, William Kentridge; some of the frames for the animated film Felix in Exile and History of the Main Complaint.
Hidden From the Past, done by Nigerian born, Chidi Okoye is a pen drawing done on paper, Size 10″ × 14″.
Batanayi Tawengwa, Lobes, 80 × 60, Acrylic on canvas.
An array of sculpture tools that may be used for carving of soapstone sculptures.
Shepherd Nududzo, Bus ride to Mochudi, wood. Dimensions: 50 cm × 30 cm × 105 cm.
Loose pills not in packets on a counter
Black woman eating fruit
Black woman jumping / stretching
Man weighing himself
Coloured people with arthritis, perhaps rubbing their hands
Gatherings of women involving money or sales eg. tupperware party
Being pulled over by the police
Bowl of oats
The Cathedral of St. Andrew and St. Michael, Bloemfontein
Cathedral St. Mary the Virgin, Johannesburg
Tanzanian farmers gathering together around new machinery/farming implements provided by the government.
Madagaskar – Saidi Garten; Taolanaro
SA – Wildreservat near Richards Bay
Tanzania: Uswazi in Kinondoni der es Salaam
Tanzania: Benjamin Mkapa Nationa studium
Kenya: marikiti market
Kenya: on campus – student’s square
Kenya: at a small shopping centre in archer’s post
Kenya: outside a public toilet
Uganda: inside a local club in kampala
Zambia: at the enterence to a big hospital in Luksaka
Zambia: on the street the Zambia parlament
Malawi: crafts market in Lilongwe
Malawi: in the middle of a grazing field with goats & cows scattered
Malawi: outside some tin roof houses in a slum in Blantyre
Sychelles: just in front of the district clock tower in Victoria
Sychelles: outside state house in Victoria
DRC: By the railway line in Lubumbashi
DRC:in the middle of junction in downtown Kinshasa
Congo: outside a small local churrch in brazzaville
Gabon: outside the culture centre in Libreville
Gabon: outside the Chancery in Libreville
Gabon: Along a street in town
Gabon: along a public beach
Nigeria: at a fish market in Abuja
Nigeria: outside festac mall in Lagos
Nigeria: outside a lagoes night club
Ghana: outside a fancy coffins shop
Ghana: at the Tamale stadium
Ghana: outside the international airport
Niger: in a busy market
A black slave being auctioned at a market, with some form of abuse visible, e.g. another black slave being beaten on his bare back.
Diamond mesh in a mine
Black, Female 50-60 years old South African, urban township setting. Visual of an elderly lady, standing at an ATM OR in front of a counter – model released
Riesling grapes
Chenin Blanc grapes
Seals at the Waterfront, Cape Town
Seagulls in the company gardens
Secluded city beaches/hidden gems in Cape Town: Bakoven, Danger beach, Diaz Beach, The Hoek, Llandudno/Sandy Bay, Derdesteen
Cape Town Restaurants: Paranga, Pepenero, Kove & Zenzero, Blues
Hells Hoogte
Stellenbosch – Route 62
Witmos Ox-wagon Camp, Witmoskloof, Eastern Cape
Shellfish and seaweed aquaculture
Rotation of crops
Business Journalist: Suzy Welch
News executive: Katy Katopodis
Laywer and Author: Gretchen Rubin
Orlando Stadium aerial
Daughter in the foreground and parents fighting in the background
Breathing space – nice and unusual landscape and nature photos. New material needed.
Cameroon – geography, history, government, economy, environment, people, lifestyle, religion, language, art leisure, festivals and food
Eritrea – geography, history, government, economy, environment, people, lifestyle, religion, languages, art leisure, festivals and food
Guinea pigs in Africa, specially in Congo, where they are eaten
Vertical aerial photo of a city in Mozambique – Maputo or Beira, Tete, Inhambane, Quelimane or Nampula
Wind erosion in Mozambique
Crops damaged by drought in Mozambique.
Pictures of dark chocolate
MURICULUS IMBERBIS( Wurch ethiopian mouse or Back- striped ethiopian mouse)
DELANYMYS BROKSI (Delanys’s Swamp Mouse)
DEPHOMYS DEFUA ( defua rats)
MUS MAHOMET( Mahomet mouse)
Species of African Shrews, Genus CROCIDURA
Ghana: Mole National Park
Ghana: Larabanga Village
Ghana: Kakum National Park
Ghana: Tamale
Local Artist: Maretha Maartens
African Union flag
Someone of colour receiving money in the post /winning money
Children working in a colton mine in East Africa
African Renaissance Statue (or monument) in Senegal
Thomas Cullinan found the Cullinan Daimond in 1902
Star of South Africa diamond
Diamond Rush in Kimberely
The New Rush at nearby Colesberg Koppie
Gold first discovered at Die Duiwelse Kantoor
In 1884 Edwin Bray found a massive gold nugget near Barberton
The Golden Quarry
Revolver Creek
Honeybird Reef
The Barberton Greenstone Belt
The Royal Bafokeng Nation
Merensky Reef

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