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With the power of LinkedIn, Africa Media Online is building a professional identity online which will allow us to stay in touch with our photographers and clients alike and to tell the African Story.  Boost your LinkedIn profile and ours by connecting with us as a contributing photographer by doing the following:

1.    Sign into LinkedIn.

2.    Go to your profile and click Edit profile

LinkedIn Step 1

3. Once in the edit mode. Go down to Experience and click Add position

LinkedIn step 2

4.    Add our company name, Africa Media Online. It should pop up as it has been added as a company on LinkedIn

LinkedIn step 4

5.    In the title add: Contributing photographer

LinkedIn step 4

6.    In the location – Add the place you live in and the area you mainly shoot. For example: Pretoria, South Africa

7.    Time Period – Add when you started and the click the box I am currently work here as it will reflect your start date to present.

8.  In the description box – Add what type of images you focus on. If you focus on industry, then say what type of industry. List all the topic you cover. I think you can also add your page link in this area.

9.  Then click save. You will be automatically added to our company page as a contributor. https://www.linkedin.com/company/africa-media-online

10.  Please also follow our company page




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