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Editing metadata

By logging in to your account on Africa Media Online you can edit the metadata in your images. Note that this functionality is optimised for Firefox.

Online Metadata Management

1. Log in using your username and password on any page of Africa Media Online. If you do not know your username and password email contributors@africamediaonline.com

2. Three tabs will appear at the top of the page. Click on the Content management tab

Upload Tab

3. That will bring you through to a page with tabs – search, metadata, admin and galleries.

MMC tabs

4. Search for the images you want to add/edit metadata in. To view all your images search using your own name, as registered with Africa Media Online.

MMC search

5. Click on the metadata tab

metadata tab

6. Highlight the media info you want to edit – you can multi-select from the list and then tick “show selected metadata beneath each file”

metadata showing

7. Add or edit metadata and click “save” beneath the image.

8. To edit your captions and keywords in a bigger text box click on the word “caption” or “keyword” below the thumbnails.  Remember to still hit “save” after closing the larger text box.

NOTE: Search engine indexes are updated at midnight every night. So the changes you make will only be searchable the following day.

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