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Africa Media Online represents over 300 media professionals and the collections of many significant historic collections from museums and archives from about 40 countries in Africa. We welcome applications to become a contributor, whether you are a creator of media or a custodian of a media collection.

Before making application it would be helpful to know some things about the community of contributors that you would be invited in to:

  • Africa Media Online is about Africans telling Africa’s story. The first point to note about this is that we are committed to Africans telling the story. There are many other media agencies in the world that support people outside of Africa who may be telling Africa’s story in one way or another. Without denying those agencies the right to do that at all, we consider it our mandate and privilege to enable Africans to tell Africa’s story. We are therefore exclusively focused on African collections and African media professionals. What do we mean by African? We consider anyone to be African who has been born in Africa, has grown up in Africa, or has lived in Africa and been a part of the local economy for a decade or more and has adopted Africa as their home, regardless of race, colour, ethnic background or language. Historic or archival collections must be resident in Africa so that earnings from use rights contribute toward building African economies.
  • Another aspect of us being about Africans telling Africa’s story us that we are committed to the story being about Africa. For this reason the content that we accept from our contributors is content that tells Africa’s story. We therefore, do not represent content about other parts of the world, even if it was captured by an African, or forms part of an archival collection resident in Africa, unless it has some significant connection to the communication of Africa’s story, past or present.
  • Thirdly ours is a professional community committed to the highest professional journalistic and ethical standards. For this reason we work with professionals in the media and heritage sectors to ensure they reach audiences in Africa and around the world. For this reason the application process requires that you demonstrate that you are part of a professional community or understand the requirements of conforming to such professional standards.

If you are an individual application can be made on our application web site. If you are an organisation please contact David Larsen on editor@africamediaonline.com.

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